Reno City Council Makes 2 Key Decisions

Channel 2 News,

Posted: Nov 28, 2007 11:31 PM PST
Brandon Rittiman, Channel 2 News

At a meeting attended by some 500 people, the Reno City Council approved two controversial ordinances on first reading.

One would approve a zoning change needed for the Boulevard South project. It involves a 360-foot tower and other buildings at the corner of Double-R Boulevard and South Meadows Parkway.
The complex would include nearly 1,800 condo units.

The second ordinance would create a definition for a truck stop.

Of particular concern to executives with the Flying J company (which plans to build a truck stop at Robb Drive and Interstate 80), the ordinance would require truck stops to be at least a quarter mile away from the nearest residential or mixed-use zone.

The ordinance would also require truck stops to be within a quarter mile of an interstate highway interchange.

The company says its research shows there are simply no sites in the Reno city limits that would qualify.

Both issues were big enough, the council decided to hear them at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center instead of City Hall.

Both ordinances would need to pass a second reading by the city council to become law.

That could happen as early as December 5.