LINKS to Articles and Documents on Truck Stop Issue
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City Council Addresses

Flying J Files for Bankruptcy

Flying J Watch website

Flying J Sux website

Report on June 18 Planning Commission Meeting

Reno Planning Commission Report 6/2/10

Summary of Past Meetings

Channel 4 Story on Environmental Infractions by Flying J

California Environmental Complaint

NV Earthquake Causes Fuel Leak & Evacuation at Flying J

Flying J Fuel Spills in Iowa

RGJ Article March 27, 2008

Report on March 20 NAB Meeting

KRNV Report on March 20 Meeting

Petition (PDF)

Sierra Canyon Resident Reports on March 4th Flying J Presentation

Proposed Planning Area Diagram

Somersett Residents Take Heed

RGJ 11/29 1st Reading Approved

Channel 2 Report 11/28

RGJ Article About 11/28 Council Hearing

Master Plan Memo 11/9

City Council Agenda 11/28

RGJ Article 11/18 on NAB Meeting

Staff Report for 11/28/07

November 15 NAB Agenda

Flying J Master Plan Amendment Request

RGJ Article on Truck Stop

Truck Stop Memo to NABS

Truck Stop Ordinance Excerpts for 11/28 City Council Meeting

NW NAB Letter to City Council Oct 18

Map of Flying J Proposed Location (submitted by Ward R.)

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Other Articles & Videos of Interest

Oklahoma Truckstop Prostitution (Fox25 News, YouTube video, Feb. 2008)
Note: At the end of the story they mention that the station owner said it does no good
to hire security guards because the pimps threaten them or pay them off.

"Child Prostitution, Coming to a Truckstop Near You” (National Review 2/15/08)

“Deadly Odds For Truck-Stop Prostitutes” (New York Times) Deadly Odds

“Forbidden Science: Pornography, Prostitution and Seedy Truck Stops” (Discover Magazine)

Flying J Fuel Spills in Iowa (November 13, 2007)
Attorney general to issue Flying J's fate

Dallas police fight truck stop prostitution with rehabilitation. (November 8, 2007)
DallasPolice.htm (highlighted and formatted for printing),
or (online original article)

Truck stop prevented in New Orleans. (November 8, 2007)

A Denver company wants to build a video poker truck stop in Kenner but has run into a roadblock: Municipal law forbids truck stops within 500 feet of homes. (November 7, 2007)

An Alabama town fights Flying J Truck Stops. (March 2007)
Truck stop from hell?

How one town stopped Flying J!


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