Truck stop meets with resistance

Kristin Larsen (KLARSEN@RGJ.COM)
November 18, 2007

Most of the 40 attendees at Thursday night's Northwest Advisory Board Meeting arrived to "Stop the Robb Drive Truck Stop."

Red and white signs campaigning against a proposed Flying J Inc. truck stop at a Robb Drive interchange on Interstate 80 have been popping up around northwest Reno.

Residents said they were concerned the truck stop might result in increased pollution, constant truck idling noise, escalating traffic gridlock and a transient population in a residential neighborhood. Others said it would visually mar the area.

To ensure that the residents' opposition affects the Washoe County Commissioner's decision, NAB member Breese Burnley said individuals should write letters to their representatives and attend and write comments for the Reno City Council meeting at 6 p.m. Nov. 28 at the Reno Convention Center.

Many also suggested knocking on neighbors' doors and handing out fliers that can be printed off the Web site

Another agenda item drew fire. Resident David Butler said the concrete blocks in the Las Brisas Boulevard and King's Row area were an eyesore and were ineffective at keeping ATVs, motorcycles and trucks off of an earthen dam that the blocks were installed to protect. NAB members advocated setting up a meeting with city officials to plan a solution for the issue. No date was set.

The Reno Police Department said they have begun referring those who report accidents that occur on private property and do not result in injuries to alternate reporting methods, such as via the internet, phone or at a police substation.